On the Summer Solstice 2009, Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain held their second lecture in almost 20 years. The Chief spoke on the reincarnation of the fabled Ghost Dancers and their effect on our immediate future. The mysterious energy that runs through our youngest generation is brought to light.
Again the audience was held spellbound as they privately related to the spoken words. Many lives were changed that night as the illusive understanding filtered through their minds. You too will prosper as your understanding opens doors to the future that you may have never realized existed. “The little child shall lead them” is actually happening right now. The changes these “Fallen Warriors” of old are destined to make will cause you to smile while your stomach does a flip! This will be a revolution like no other in history!
A beautiful CD was created by Terry Henderson, a Sound Engineer formally of the BBC in London. It is one hour and seventeen minutes of listening to high quality sound. Listen to it on your car CD and share it with your spouse and family. Simple understanding will tie the family together and promote the peace for which you strive.
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