Written by Tekonsha and illustrated by Warm Night Rain.
ISBN  1 - 880440 - 17 - 2
     210 Pages

Crime and Punishment - is it correct?  Is it appropriate for citizens to determine and administer punishment for an infraction against the rules of our culture?  Nobody can remember when this was not the custom.  Because it has always been, does that mean it is correct and must always be?
Karma - what is it?  Are there really unseen forces that balance the scales of justice over the centuries via "past lives"?  Supposing this was indeed the way creation was set up, are we as a people, too far along a path of our own making to be able to make any appropriate changes? ( Some still believe the world is flat and the sun revolves around the earth.)
Supposing you were impaneled  on a jury deliberating a murder case, would you be open to information not introduced in evidence?  Supposing the motive was obscure or nonexistent.  Supposing a past life provided the Karma that justified the murder and balanced the scales of justice for all concerned, including the victim - if you knew this, would you be able to disregard the physical evidence and sympathize with the needs of the Eternal Souls involved?
Twelve jurors struggle with this dilemma for three days and nights.  Their conclusion will amaze you!  Never before has a jury behaved like this one!  A landmark trial that will turn our jurisprudence system inside out!
Expertly written, Tekonsha takes you inside the deliberating room and lets you stand in the moccasins of each juror.  You feel the emotion, the conflict, each experiences as a mutual conclusion is drawn.  When this trial is over you will be able to say:  "You were there!"
If you like mystery and intrigue, flavored with the unpredictable, you will cherish this book!

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