Written by Chief Little Summer and illustrated by Warm Night Rain
ISBN  1 - 880440 - 14 - 8
   212  Pages

Eleven year old twins, brother and sister, are enjoying summer vacation on their family farm.  Along with a visiting age mate from the big city, they set out to explore the mysterious and forbidden Bitterlost.  Stories and folklore keep the place off limits to everyone else.
A deep, mysterious lake, surrounded by six enormous man made hills, has a great man made hill in its center.  Magical lights appear and disappear.  Voices, whose source cannot be seen, provide direction for the adventuresome children.  Fantastic abilities are achieved from the energies which abound at this sacred place.
Indians know about the Bitterlost and believe their ancient ancestors built it in the style of the Mayan Pyramids.  Glyphs are found and some are deciphered.  Magical chants are used to open secret passageways.  The discoveries and adventures are endless.
A bond of friendship and trust is quickly developed.  The "city boy" is taught the ways of the farm like all children of the country come to know and love.
Three solid months of action and adventure with two boys and a girl as they uncover the ancient mysteries of the awesome Bitterlost.  A fun book that will keep you in stitches while it educates you in the practical ways of life.  Cause and effect as tempered by knowledge and wisdom are the lessons being taught.
A marvelous story written especially for children and those  who are young at heart!

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