Written by Chief Little Summer and illustrated by Warm Night Rain
ISBN  1 - 880440 - 20 - 2
20 Pages

A cute little story about a kitten who was born without a tail.  Sometimes little children are also born with appendages missing or perhaps we know of someone who has.  Little Nikko lives in a world of long tailed cats and she quickly notices her missing part.  As this smart little kitten learns to adjust and accept herself as part of the family, a valuable lesson is presented to the reader who experiences similar things.
Written in verse and rimed, the Adventures of Nikko No-Tail takes you through the playful growing pains of evolution.  Each day her courage broadens and her adventures are more expansive.  As her world grows larger, the brother and sister who are in charge of her upbringing, also get to experience the pleasures and the problems of caring for and teaching little ones.  This psychology promotes a more disciplined attitude in the children themselves in their relationship with their parents.
When the story of Nikko No-Tailis read to pre-schoolers, they immediately place themselves in the moccasins of the brother and sister who are in charge of raising the kitten.  This identification can be of great value to the one who is reading this story aloud!
Fun and excitement in a fast moving story will hold your child's attention.  The colorful pictures will fascinate the reader as well as the listener.  These illustrations are designed to capture your child's imagination and to stimulate your child's creativity.  The verses spark ordered discipline in your child's developing mentality.
If you have children or if you have contact with children under the age of eight, you really should have this wonderful book!

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