Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain
324 Pages, 13 Chapters + 2 appendixes & an epilogue, also an illustrated Book 
(One megabyte)

There is a pandemic of relationships gone awry.  The world's weather patterns have gone berserk.  No precedent for all of this pandemonium can be found in the annuals of history.  We live in a world that is governed by cause and effect.  So, what is the cause that is producing this effect?  Does anybody know what is happening to us?

In their new Book, "Be My Guest", Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain set out to explain this bazaar phenomenon and they also tell us what to do about it. They even include a new tool,  called the Biograph VL, that tells, on a daily basis, for a month in advance, what to personally expect  from this strange, new vibration that has engulfed our planet. Supernatural?  Perhaps, but their solution makes perfect sense and furthermore, it works!

Ancient Mayan prophecy predicted this time would come.  By knowing what to look for, these Shawnee authors of "Be My Guest" have discovered the noble cause for our relationships running amuck and the reason for our Earth mother's contortions with the weather patterns.  Their new Book provides the knowledge and understanding necessary to stabilize your life and give you the strength to carry on.

"Be My Guest" is a comprehensive book that covers countless subjects that are vital to the understanding of the "Big Picture" of your life and your future.  Exciting to read, the book opens your mind to broad horizons that expand your mind beyond the limitations normally perceived in this human experience. Informative and entertaining, each new page will amaze or amuse you.  Now you can have everything that you need or wanted to know in dealing with this topsy-turvy future of ours.  The Biograph VL, that is included FREE with the purchase of this eBook,  reveals on a daily basis for a full month in advance, your personal life trends and what to expect from them. To be for warned is to be for armed.

"Be My Guest" is your Guide Book into the 21st Century. Books have been known to change the course of history.  This is just such a book!  Get your copy today! When you see people at peace with themselves, know that they already have their copy of the secret understanding and are following the charted trends of their life on their BioGraph VL as they listen to  their personal BioSound, derived from their chart.  The "Song of your Life" provides a personal healing experience for the mind, body, and Soul.

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Relationships are the prime movers that stimulate the evolution of the human species.

Here is the first page of the fantastic new eBook, "Be My Guest.":
They are the most important factor in the entire Human Experience.  Without them nothing much would happen.  There would be no evolution.  Stagnation would have consumed us into extinction long ago.   They are always our most aggravating problem, yet we cannot survive without them.  Free Will forbids us from ever completely understanding any of our vast variety of relationships, though we eagerly spend a lifetime trying to figure them out.  Relationships have been the cause of all wars and all disputes on all levels, yet it is our wonderful relationships that have, without exception, given us the greatest pleasures in life. 

To conquer our worst enemy is to overcome our own greatest fears. The  anxiety of the advancing stress caused by the fear of the unknown can be totally debilitating.  Even the insane are not immune to this noble struggle.  This is the core of all lives, though the surface/facade may successfully camouflage this eternal inner conflict.

Is there a better way?  No.  Is there another way?     No, not really.  Relationships are the prime vehicle that inspires and motivates every human being.  This ageless process is the direct result of being born without  any memory of Past Life experiences and/or of adjacent Counterpart experiences.  We all feel alone, “One of a Kind,” and this is our first, last and only time to experience life as a human being on a planet which we call Earth.  If our memory served us............

Here are the subtitles of the first Three Chapters for your perusal:

Chapter One
Things to look for in this Chapter
Your Counter Parts Are Here!
Radiation Poisoning
The Photon Belt
The Harmonic Covergence
The Nomenclature of the Earth Complex
How the Worlds Divide
Your Counter Parts
The Activity

Chapter Two
Things to look for in this Chapter
The Last to Go
Thought Has Form
The Thyroid
World Wide coverage
The South Pole World
The Lord of the Earth?
Radiation & Me
The Three Pillars of our Culture
Our Spirit Guides Have Left
Your New BioGraph VL

Chapter Three
Things to look for in this Chapter
The Dowery of Our Many Guests
The Akashic Records
Plants and Animals
Fantasy Pets
Kinfolk Friends and Nieghbors
Thanks for the Memories
Trusting you Independence
New Horizons in Space
Making Relationships Work